Speaking Visuals is a multi-media magazine passionate about sharing art in the digital age. Based in the UK, we work along monthly themes to explore all aspects of culture and creativity that drive present day taste, from the established names to the emerging faces. Aiming to unplug the art world, we are committed to providing readers with insights and ideas that are informative, exhilarating, and, above all, enjoyable for everyone.


Who's Who?


Lorna King

Editor-in-Chief, Lorna King is a culture journalist and arts photographer. A life-long love for art drove her to found Speaking Visuals, seeking to expand the art world to the wider public. Inspired by abstraction, her favourite artists include Mark Rothko, Georgia O'Keeffe and Natalia Goncharova. As well as writing about art, Lorna is a practicing illustrator with new eyes for print-making and calligraphy. 

Follow her personal blog: www.speakingvisuals.wordpress.com

Rosie Frost

Rosie Frost is an English Literature and Language student at Oxford University as well as our Co-Editor. After a long absence from the arts, she has returned to education with a renewed passion for writing. Interested in Pre-Raphaelite art and literature, her favourite artists are Evelyn de Morgan and Edward Burne-Jones.  During her spare time she writes poetry and cooks Instagram worthy meals. 




Of course we have many more wonderful writers, photographers, and artists working with the team. Find out more about joining us here